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Ham Test Flashcards - 2012-2016 Extra Pool

Ok after finding some errors in my code(Missing ~~ after a question on the general exam and that I wrote the Regex without an ancor so it saw the question as an answer) I've completed the parser.  I need to edit the code to make it easier to run yourself possibly code to python so I can cross compile it to a GUI. 
Here are the Extra Flash Cards

Ham Test Flashcards - 2011-2015 General Pool

So it was easier than I thought to alter the parser for the General set after I had the Technician Class working.  I will update the parser code soon on GitHub.  Below are the flash cards for the General Exam.  I haven't spent much time reviewing so send me a note if there is an error. 
2011 General Flash Cards
If you downloaded this before please 2:30PM Nov 26 2014 please re-download there were some parsing errors.

Ham Test Flashcards - 2014-2018 Technician Pool

I'm working on writing a parser to parse the questions into flashcards, random printable quizzes and ittertave quizzes.  The questions come from the TXT files from NCVEC. You will need the images separate from the cards. 

Click here to get a copy of the flash cards

AT&T DSL with IPv6

I started my IPv6 journey via Hurricane Electric's service.  It was an amazing journey they delegated me a /64 and /48 and provided instructions to get it setup on every operating system.  Then the Chicago router filled and I didn't want to hop off my ISP's network to get to the tunnel so I started prodding my ISPs. 

VPS.NET IPv6 Name Server

I became interested in VPS.NET when they sponsored DrupalCon Chicago last March.  It was nice to know they were adding a node so geographically close to me, and fun to watch how many exhibits they could get the VPS.NET robot into. I have had mine on my desk(unless the office cats knock it off) as a reminder to check back for deals and remind me if the need arose. 

Power outage

Power went out in the neighborhood and I'm finally getting to use my generator for the first time this year.  Its great seeing an investment put to use.

Remains of the Day: 41% of Installed Software Is Pirated Edition [For What It's Worth]

This is very sad.  I don't understand why everyone feels the need to pirate software.  Use open source and you no longer have to be constantly looking over your sholder. 

Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know [Privacy]

This is very important for anyone using Facebook or has children using Facebook!

Switch to Drupal

I have decided to switch my website to use drupal.  I decided this so that I could use a very stable and well supported CMS to maintain my web site.  Also I am starting to develop some drupal modules and this gives me a place to production test some of them. 

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